Info for students

This is information for students who are looking for my MA thesis supervision:

  • I do not offer ready-made topics. For me, finding a suitable topic is part of the process of working on an MA thesis. You should think about a topic you would like to work on. This also includes formulating a research question (which is a sentence with a question mark at the end).
  • If you have found a topic (or, better yet, two or three), and only then, please contact me.
  • Importantly, please note that I do not supervise pure literature overview topics. There should definitely also be a formal part to your thesis work (where formal could mean, e.g., theoretical/formal (not just verbal) modeling or statistical or econometric analysis of data).
  • Before I can eventually think about becoming the supervisor of your MA thesis, you need a topic, and I need to see that it is a suitable subject for an MA thesis (this is often a difficult process) and whether I can be a competent supervisor for the topic. To make a decision, you will have to provide an exposé of your planned MA thesis research work.
  • In case you contact me about potential MA thesis supervision, please mention whether you have taken any of my courses (and if you have, which one and in which year).